Cops on Harleys to Sneak Attack Drunk Drivers

As if motorcycles aren't annoying enough
If you think it will be easy to successfully avoid any DUI checkpoint in San Francisco this Cinco de Mayo, well, you are wrong. Police have informed us that on Friday, they will be deploying roving cops on motorcycles to go after drunk drivers on the road.

Capt. Denis O'Leary explains the logic behind the motorcycles.

"Our Harley Davidson Road Kings have a lot of maneuverability advantages over regular patrol cars," he said. "We can ride right up to the driver's window and check for any signs of alcohol or drug impairment."

"There are a lot of motorcycles on the road, and you would be amazed at how many people do not notice us until they hear the sirens," he added.

The motorcycle gang will rev up at 7 p.m. on Friday and continue through 3 a.m. on Saturday.

Cops will be out again on Saturday night, where they will be stationed at Cesar Chavez Street and Van Ness Avenue to monitor drivers at a DUI checkpoint, starting at 8:30. 

These cops are out there for good reason: Last year, 10,000 people were killed across the nation in traffic accidents involving drunk drivers. In California, this deadly crime accounted for 791 deaths, police said.

Consider yourself warned.

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Heather Mcneil
Heather Mcneil

Harleys?  Oh, fuck you very much.  What, stopping everyone isn't annoying enough, but you have to be obnoxiously loud about it?

I have no problem with DUI checkpoints (as long as you're being reasonably even about it and not using it to profile or troll).  I agree, drunks are bad, etc. etc.  Good on you.

But there are many brands of bikes out there that do not automatically assault everyone nearby.  If you want to "engage your community," perhaps you should check them out.

Besides, the last thing you're going to do on a Harley is "ride up to a driver's window" without him noticing.  At best all you'll do is incite some road rage.


Actually, the factory exhaust on a Harley Road King is pretty quiet.I can't imagine that the City maintenance garage would do a lot of unauthorized modifications that might void a warranty. 

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