Supervisor Eric Mar's Worst Nightmare: a Stripper Truck Parked at McDonald's

If Supervisor Eric Mar has accomplished anything while in office, it's successfully making himself the butt of every Happy Meal joke out there. And just when you thought there were no more Mar/plastic toy jokes to be had, the District 1 supervisor makes headlines after chasing away a local stripper truck from his neighborhood.

Apparently, Mar's intuition was spot-on. Not only does the driver of this nefarious stripper mobile prefer pole dancers to politics, but he (or she) also enjoys a Happy Meal or two -- and that makes him (or her) a bad person.

RichmondSF blog delighted readers with this image, tweeted by Erik H.

Erik H via Twitter
We always knew Mar was one french fry short of a Happy Meal
Perhaps it was just a pit stop on his way to Las Vegas, where this unidentified Larry Flynt's Hustler Club employee can have all the strippers and french fries he wants.

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The truck driver should have asked for his meal to be served in styrofoam too.  Why not tick-off the city even more?


I believe this item was the reason some net savant invented the shorthand: FTW!

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