Local Mom Who Prefers Smirnoff to Smurfs Gets Jail Time

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You'll be smurfing later ...
Sarah Boushey, the vodka-chugging, Smurf-hating mother, was sentenced to 69 days in San Mateo county jail after the Smurfs movie drove her to drink and drive with her 4-year-old daughter in the car.

According to the San Mateo County DA, mom, who pleaded no contest to driving drunk with a minor in the car, has already served 47 days behind bars. Boushey will also have to install an anti-DUI device in her car and use it for the three years she is on probation.

Readers probably recall the incident last August where 42-year-old Boushey took her young daughter to see The Smurfs in Daly City, where she pounded a half-bottle of vodka. As they left the theater, she sideswiped a few cars before crashing into a median.

When police arrived, she couldn't even remember her name.

Her daughter, who perhaps was used to seeing mommy behave this way, spoke up for an inebriated Boushey, giving the cops her mother's name and bluntly explaining that "she's drunk."

Police, who found a half-empty bottle of vodka in her purse, claim Boushey had a blood alcohol content of .35 -- more than three times the legal limit.

"I'm not a big fan of The Smurfs, but not enough to drink like that," District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told SF Weekly after charging Boushey last summer.

If they really wanted to punish Boushey, they'd make her watch this in jail:

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