Sierra LaMar: Missing Teen's Twitter Account Hacked

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Sierra LaMar
Santa Clara County authorities are now looking for the person who hacked into 15-year-old Sierra LaMar's Twitter account this week and left posts impersonating the missing teen.

Sgt. Jose Cardoza confirmed to reporters Thursday that someone indeed hacked into LaMar's account two days ago and wrote a bogus tweet in reference to a rap song: "By the way, we do punch bitches."
LaMar has 4,378 followers on her Twitter account.

Cardoza said detectives were "immediately aware" that the tweet had been posted, and quickly confirmed that it was not sent by the teen, who has been missing since March 16. Police believe the Sobrato High School sophomore was kidnapped, possibly by someone she knows.

Detectives are guessing that whoever sent this latest tweet either knew LaMar, or has stellar hacking skills. Investigators have deleted the tweet and are working now to find the hacker with the intention of charging them with Internet impersonation.

This isn't the first fake tweet that's come from the missing teen's account. About three weeks ago, someone tweeted a message from LaMar's account, but police didn't did not reveal what it said. However, detectives did say they traced the source of that bogus tweet to a person in the Philippines.

Cardoza said investigators have no jurisdiction there, and will not be flying to the Philippines to track the hacker down.

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Excellent!  The turd or turds that thought they were so smart will hopefully face a very public humiliation and be sentenced to serve time followed by a lengthy period on being banned from associated with each other and from access to the internet, computer etc...

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