Giants Use Opening Day to Spread the Word About Sierra LaMar, Missing Teen

SF Giants Facebook Page

The San Francisco Giants reminded their Facebook fans that 15-year-old Sierra LaMar, the missing Morgan Hill teen, will not be among the millions of baseball fans tuning in to watch opening week.

The Giants posted this message on the team Facebook page last night, hoping to keep story of the missing teen alive:

San Francisco Giants Fans -- We ask for your help in finding Sierra LaMar. Please share this post with your Facebook friends. Follow this facebook page for more info: or contact the Santa Clara County Sheriff 408-808-4500 -- Please help us find Sierra.

Already, more than 3,000 Facebook users "liked" the team's post, and almost 1,000 have shared it to their networks.

Although Internet campaigning has not proved successful (especially in the case of Kony), the Giants' efforts have not gone unnoticed, mostly because, well, they're the Giants. There is something endearing about a baseball team that is willing to use its fame to help in a time of need.


LaMar was last seen on the morning of March 16, when the Sobrato High School sophomore was supposed to catch her school bus. However, she never made it to class. Police later found her cellphone and purse with her clothing inside tossed on the side of the road -- in the opposite direction from her bus stop.

Since the investigation, volunteers came across disturbing evidence that led police to believe she was almost certainly abducted: an empty handcuff box and two used condoms.

LaMar's investigation has been one of the most technologically savvy since the invention of Amber Alerts. Early this April, Police launched a cell phone app to share information on LaMar's disappearance, and divers used sonar to search for her in the water. 

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