S.F. Businessman Wants to Make Money Off Trayvon Martin Shooting

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Look, we don't want to argue that capitalism has hurt the moral fabric of America, but what else could we possibly conclude after learning how local businessman Lawrence Sekara is capitalizing off the Trayvon Martin tragedy?

That's right, the 49-year-old San Francisco businessman submitted an online application to trademark the phrase "I Believe You Zimmerman," according to the smokinggun.com. According to United States Patent and Trademark Office records, Sekara paid $1,100 to apply for the mark.

He plans on putting "I Believe You Zimmerman" on everything obnoxiously American: beer mugs, bumper stickers, leggings, footwear, "button-front aloha shirts," and other apparel.

Sekara, owner of Corporate Fulfillment Services, said he shelled out $5,000 to start the fledgling business, but refused to reveal anything more about the products he planned to market, saying that he wanted to "keep that under wraps" until he launches the company's website, ibelieveyouzimmerman.com. That should be up and running in the next few weeks.

He told media outlets that he planned to share some of the proceeds made from these delightful sales with George Zimmerman, the embattled neighborhood watch captain who will be charged for killing Martin on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla.

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