One L. Goh, Oikos University Shooting Suspect, Goes on Hunger Strike

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One Goh
One L. Goh, the man charged with killing seven people at Oakland's Oikos University earlier this month, was taken to the hospital over the weekend for his weakened condition after he on went on  hunger strike.

According to NBC, 43-year-old Goh has not eaten since his April 2 arrest and is now being treated at the Santa Rita Jail infirmary. More details will be released at a press conference later this afternoon, said Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. J.D. Nelson.

Goh was arrested on April 2, a few hours after he allegedly walked into the small, Christian university, lined students up, and shot them as they begged for their lives. He had been a student at the school until the university expelled him, possibly for anger management issues.
Police said Goh -- who pleaded not guilty to murder charges -- was cooperative after the shootings, but showed no remorse for the murders.

Today, the university reopened for the first time since the shooting spree.

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Tim Giangiobbe
Tim Giangiobbe

This is something I hope he succeeds doing. We really don't care if you starve you FOOL. This is whining for attention. He is probably in the lock down separate from the general population. He is bored out of his mind. The hunger will have him thinking differently with a quickness. Hunger pangs that will hurt. Like he hurt people. He looks maniacal. HUH   ?

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