Oikos University Shooting: Police, Students Explain Motive in Oakland Mass Murder

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Albert Samaha
The Oakland community is still trying to understand exactly what motivated a local student to open fire at Oikos University yesterday morning, killing seven people and wounding many others.

But Police Chief Howard Jordan offered up some insight at an early-morning press conference in Oakland where he told reporters that the suspect -- 43-year-old One Goh -- was a disgruntled student who had recently been expelled from the university. The private, Christian school had booted him from classes, possibly for his anger management and behavioral issues, NBC reports. He came back a few months later to execute his well-planned attack on the university.

Howard said that Goh was cooperating with police, but that he showed absolutely no remorse for the murders in which he allegedly killed a receptionist and six students.

Students at the university told NBC that Goh, who is a South Korean national, didn't fit in because of a language barrier. When he arrived on campus Monday, he allegedly took the receptionist hostage and was looking for an administrator he was unhappy with.

However, that administrator wasn't there that day.
That's when Goh allegedly began shooting aimlessly, firing at students until he heard students calling 911 and realized police were on the way.

"We don't believe the suspect was intending to have a confrontation with police, so he took off after he was finished shooting," Jordan told reporters this morning. Goh was arrested a few miles away at a shopping center in Alameda, where he reportedly walked into a store and told clerks that he had just shot people.

Police confirmed that six of the victims were women, all foreign nationals from South Korea, Nepal, Nigeria, and the Philippines. They ranged in age from 21 to 40 years old.

"We don't know if he had a particular aversion towards women," Jordan said.

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Expelled, in debt, grieving the loss of a mother and a brother and recently evicted? Could it get any worse? In fact yes.... 7 innocent souls, and for what? To let the world know he can fight back too?

How many of us have ever been that close to the edge and yet somehow managed to reign it in? Has living in the US gotten so out of hand that one resorts to screen action dynamites to get things off their chest? But then again isn't violence what this nation is made on???



'Philipines' is spelled incorrectly.  It should be spelled 'Philippines'.

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