Occupy SF Plans to Take Over Wells Fargo without Getting Arrested

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Bring the popcorn!
This ought to be a good show.

Occupiers have audacious plans to storm the Wells Fargo shareholders' meeting tomorrow afternoon and stop the financiers from making any more decisions that will more than likely hurt the 99 percent. The protesters say they'll literally take over the meeting and convene a "people's stakeholder meeting" of their own.

And they plan on doing all of this without getting booted out.

Occupy is holding a day-long seminar this afternoon at Justin Herman Plaza to teach protesters how not to get arrested at this takeover.

Bring food and your friends!

Here's how OccupySF explains its planned action:
Wells Fargo profits at the expense of our communities. America's biggest tax dodger has its tentacles in many different areas of our lives: Wells Fargo leads the country in foreclosures and evictions for profit. Wells Fargo is a predatory mortgage lender and student loan shark. Wells Fargo is a prison immigrant detention center profiteer. Wells Fargo is corrupting our democracy.
Pissing off Wells Fargo seems much more reasonable to us than pissing off commuters crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

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We the 99% support a peaceful Wells Fargo Occupy Rally.  And, if there's any kind of violence or destruction, We the 99% will know it wasn't committed by anyone from the Occupy Rally. 


the violent ones are probably the same folks that keep smashing the windows and the ATMs of Wells Fargo on Haight St .. sad ..

Tim Giangiobbe
Tim Giangiobbe

"Peace is not merely some distant goal we seek but a means in which we arrive at that goal. "Martin Luther King Jr is inspiring words to protest by PEACEFULLY. The groups that want to come along and try to disrupt the peace will be met with resistance. Then turned over to the police. The hooded thugs that interrupted the peaceful protest in Oakland and trashed Whole Foods better stay away. We don't want you unless you are peaceful. 


They will come.  Especially if they can get a free ride over.  It's like flies attracted to dung.  They can't help themselves.  It's in their nature.


I agree, things would have looked so much more positive if they had just stayed away.  Those are thugs who have nothing better else to do, but to ruin the had work of occupy wall street.   

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