Occupy Decides Not to Occupy the Golden Gate Bridge After All

(Update 5:15 p.m.): The Golden Gate Larkspur and Sausalito ferries will not be in service tomorrow due to a planned strike as part of the May Day action. The ferries will resume service again after 2 p.m., according to transit officials. Hopefully, this gives ferry commuters some time to make alternative plans for the morning ride to work.

(Original story 8:15 a.m.)
: Taking away an occupier's chance to occupy is like taking away a baby's binky from its arms while it sleeps.

But that's exactly what labor groups have done.

The Occupy the Bridge coalition, which as readers probably recall had obnoxious plans to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow morning, have reluctantly decided not to screw with your Tuesday morning commute after all. Read about their revised plans on their Facebook page.

Here's what happened as far as we know: The Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition has been upset over unresolved labor negotiations, and had tapped Occupy Oakland to close down the bridge tomorrow. Occupiers wanted to avoid becoming a rent-a-mob, so they agreed to do it only if the labor group went on strike and joined Occupiers.

They agreed, and a bridge nightmare was planned for May 1 as part of a regional general strike. But on Saturday, the labor coalition sent out a press release, saying they were backing out of the bridge closure.

No reason was give for the change of heart, but obviously this plan to occupy the bridge was not garnering public support at a time when labor workers could really use public support.  

"Our situation has changed, and we're working through the weekend to get the word out to our supporters, asking them to come to the picket lines and stand with us in our fight for quality health care, and to keep the bridge open," said Alix Tonnison with the Golden Gate Labor Coalition.

Reluctantly, occupiers went along with the decision to keep Tuesday's commute running smoothly, but not without popping off about it all over Facebook.

Occupiers reportedly left comments on the group's Facebook page, claiming the labor group is full of self-concerned, conservative, and deferential to the Democratic Party types, according to Fog City Journal. By Monday morning, those critical comments had been removed, and new ones were being left on the page, but these were directed at the administrators of the Facebook page.

"The Admins of this site are censoring the 99%," one commenter said. To which another responded: "because they're fucking HYPOCRITES."

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Nunya Biness
Nunya Biness

only pussies cop out. they should have maned up and grown some big hairy balls and done it anyway. this is further proof of the pussafacation of American youth.


sanity wins the day. Thank the Lord.

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The problem with "Occupy" is that they are bad at math. They claim they are the 99% angered at the abuse of the 1%.

The reality is that the people who have actually abused the system for wealth, the people against whom they need "Economic justice" are not 1%. They are a tiny fraction of 1%. 1% is 3.4 million people. The guilty are a couple thousand. .001%

The targets of the policy they advocate are not the 1% either. They are the 10%They hurt 10,000 people for every guilty man or woman. And in the end, those .001% are insiders, so they will find a way to rig the system anyway.Meanwhile, we have mobs shutting down legitimate business all over the country.

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