Look at This Adorable Lop-Eared Easter Bunny

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Courtesy of Peninsula Humane Society

Melody, this young fat female lop, has found a new home, and just in time for Easter. The Peninsula Humane Society will drop her off today at Riley's Place -- a Woodside nonprofit that provides animal experiences for kids facing life-threatening health issues or other challenging family situations, including homelessness and abuse.

How sweet!
"We're touched that one of our homeless animals will not only have a great life at Riley's Place, but will help so many young children who deserve to experience some joy in their lives," said Scott Delucchi, spokesman for the PHS.

Melody will join two miniature horses, two guinea pigs, and three other rabbits that Riley's Place has adopted from PHS over the last few years. Children from all over the Bay Area visit the nonprofit's Woodside rural property to spend time with the menagerie of animals. And, for children unable to travel, Riley's Place brings its animals to them.

Yeah, Melody is insanely adorable, but that doesn't mean you should run out an impulsively adopt a bunny because it's Easter and this photo is cute. Bunnies are cuddly, but they are also a lot of work; they require tons of patience, and like puppies, they love to chew on pretty much anything you own. So if you do get a rabbit, be sure to bunnyproof your house first, because those suckers will be with you for another 10 years.

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