James Hooker, Modesto Teacher, Tries to Win Back Former Student and Girlfriend, Jordan Powers

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High school heartbreak
We weren't that surprised to read this morning that teacher/lover/inmate James Hooker was trying desperately to win back his former student and girlfriend,18-year-old Jordan Powers, after she dumped him upon his not-so-surprising arrest for allegedly having a romantic relationship with a minor 14 years ago.

According to NBC, Hooker has spent the last few days making one failed attempt after another to lure Powers back into his arms. But if Hooker were smart, he wouldn't just send her candy and access to his credit cards. Here's some time-tested advice for any teacher looking reconnect with student/lover: 

  • Give her the answer keys ... to your heart

  • Promise her a perfect Arkansas honeymoon

  • Increase her allowance

  • Give her really, really detailed letters of recommendation

  • Ask her to prom

  • Brag about how you are her date and her chaperon

  • Send her poems from Keats and Yeats, followed by a quiz

  • Offer course credit

  • Remind her that the choices you make in high school are exactly the ones you want defining the rest of your life

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Without a job, those credit cards wont last forever


He is a pervert and needs to go to jail!


Hey, I'm from Arkansas! Don't insult us like that!

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