AIDS Activistis Use Good Friday to Shame the Catholic Church

The only thing that might make Good Friday even better for some is a loud protest of the Catholic Church. We'll leave that one to San Francisco's AIDS activists who have made a long list of institutions they plan to shame today, including banks, cops, and Catholics.

To remember the 20,000 San Franciscans who have died from AIDS, activists have planned a Good Friday protest, targeting many of the institutions they say have acted as oppressors to the HIV/AIDS community.

First stop: Wells Fargo.

Activists will gather at 4 p.m. at the doorstep of Wells Fargo where they plan to decry the lack of affordable housing for HIV/AIDS victims and others in the San Francisco community.

"Wells Fargo has made billions" while "people with HIV/AIDS struggle to survive and stay in this city," said Wayide Palmer of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power.

After they make their point at Wells Fargo, the protesters will march on to the San Francisco Police Department, to shame the cops for their policy of using condoms as evidence against sex workers.

Then the AIDS coalition will raise hell -- literally --  by laying on the steps of the Mission Dolores Church ashes of those who died during the AIDS/HIV epidemic.

There they will also protest the Catholic Church's role of "condemning people to die of AIDS globally." Activists claim the church's restrictions on condoms and abortion are repressing sexual freedom and health.

"Its 25 years since we started ACT UP, and the Catholic Church is still to blame. This Good Friday we will mourn our dead and fight like hell for the living here in San Francisco and around the world," Palmer said.

As the march's arrives to Harvey Milk Plaza, protesters will read the names of AIDS/HIV community members who died during the epidemic in the Bay Area.

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Josef Zack
Josef Zack

here is one last factoid,  the Catholic Church, whatever its philosophy about condoms and whatever,  provided the ONLY HOSPICE services to those dying from AIDS, WAY BACK in the day , when there were NO DRUGS to treat the disease.

I saw no coalition of fagots, Marxists, or drug addicts, stepping up to the plate to provide this last service to terminal patients.

certainly not any so called "AIDS Activists" of nowadays.  and that IS for sure.

I also went to my fair share of AIDS funerals, and the overwhelming majority of the time, only officials from the Catholic Church were there.  there were NO crowds of homosexual AIDS Activists there at the grave site.

this was when not even the families of these deceased showed up for same.

now I feel even BETTER!


The Catholic Church is still there handing out funds for electric bills, food and other utilities when one falls behind, loses a job, or is too sick to work due to illnesses such as AIDS/HIV. They dont ask how you contracted this disease when you call with hands out. Im with Josef here. Its not the communities fault anymore than its a specific religion responsible for the choices made in your life. My heart bleeds to anyone with any disease..but come on people..are we gonna blame lung cancer next on the Catholics for burning incense? I feel better.

Josef Zack
Josef Zack

I've been living HIV+ non symptomatic, non progressing for 26 years now.  I resent the faggots, drug addicts, who expect a free lunch and a free ride because of sexual misconduct, (that conduct that invites HIV/AIDS into one's body) and drug misconduct (that sort of drug using conduct that also puts HIV/AIDS into one's body).

there are only TWO classes of "innocent victims" of HIV/AIDS.  #1  people who received tainted blood from the medical industry during a blood transplant, and #2 babies conceived by an HIV/AIDS woman.  

I deeply resent the efforts of the faggot lobby to "come out of the closet" and state that I am a faggot, when I am NOT, and contracted the virus thru sharing needles, when I was a heroin addict.

I am clean & sober now for a few weeks over 20 years.

I stopped being a guinea pig for new HIV/AIDS drugs about 5-6 years ago.  and I don't care if that angers the HIV/AIDS Lobby either.

it is simple.

if you don't share needles with someone who is positive,  and if you don't bend over and accept the penis of someone infected with the virus into your ass,  you aer NOT going to contraCT HIV/AIDS.



It has been about 15-17 years since I both read and heard about this inevitable epidemic and it hasn't happened yet.

Can you say "failed cultural Marxism corporate media Lies" anyone?

enough of this crap already.

as Nancy Reagan once famously said,


stop doing behavior that brings the HIV/AIODS virus into your body.

and if you have it now,  STOP expecting special treatment for doing stupid activities.

TRY to have just a LITTLE responsibility for you own life, and hold yourself to account for your stupid actions.

WOW!  I feel SO much better now!

ha ha ha 




Catholic Charities, AIDS.  Google it and you get 11,000 hits.  Catholics are paying to care for AIDS patients.  Keep the christophobia down low, it reflects badly on the LGBTs.

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