The Giants' Endless Parade of Uniforms

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Old school meets new school
Commenting on the high player turnover among Major League teams, Jerry Seinfeld noted that, basically, "you're rooting for clothes."

Of course you're not just rooting for clothes. You're buying the clothes. At some point fans ceased wearing coats and ties to the game and began dressing like the players (or, if you're less charitably inclined, children).

Paraphernalia is now a billion-dollar business. As a result, not only are fans essentially rooting for clothes -- they've never before had so much clothing to root for.

The hometown Giants sport no fewer than four uniforms. There's the cream-colored home jersey;  the gray "San Francisco" road top (which now features black piping we quite like); An "SF" alternate harking to the Will the Thrill era; and the orange abominations that, along with 43,000 orange-clad fans, make Fridays the very best day to arrange for a jailbreak at County Lockup.

Ranking them aesthetically would be a challenge (other than putting the orange ones fourth). But how are they selling? We called every Giants dugout store in town. Here are the extremely unscientific results.

Across the board, representatives at every store said the home jersey was easily the best seller. But it got interesting after that. A couple of the stores reported the Orange Friday gear was in the No. 2 spot (egad!), while others put the Will the Thrill throwbacks in the two hole.

The traditional road jerseys pretty much came third. And, except at the spots where they were big sellers (egad!), the orange numbers came fourth.

A few of those traffic-cone-colored tops may be selling today, however. It is Friday, after all. And, as one dugout store employee told us, people who buy these jerseys "want to stick out."

Well, we see you. We see you.

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