Marijuana Raid Gives Pot Activists Even More Reason to Hate on The Feds

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Pot smokers across the Bay Area were outraged when they caught wind that the feds were raiding Oaksterdam University, the well-respected cannabis training facility in downtown Oakland. The feds, which included DEA agent and IRS officials, remained tight-lipped about what the hell they were doing there, only saying that things were "sealed."

Needless to say, the early-morning raid gave the medical marijuana community another damn good reason to protest Obama and his administration. Here's a snapshot of the downtown scene. Incidentally, you could smell the scent of pot wafting in the air during the morning protest.

Erin Sherbert
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 If you see in any given situation only what everybody else can see, you can be said to be so much a representative of your culture than you are a victim of it.

Chas Holman
Chas Holman

In Florida you can shoot someone if you feel they are threatening you.But you can't eat or smoke a really benign (compared to virtually every other intoxicant and nicotine too) plant ... 

that might be bad for you... 

and we will protect you by tossing you in jail with a really lonely guy named Sheila... 

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