Man Beats Wife's Facebook Friend to Death with Baseball Bat

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There are worse things ...
For some users, "defriending" someone on Facebook isn't satisfying enough. A jealous Taiwanese man beat his wife's Facebook friend to death after the two were busted leaving flirty posts on the social networking site.

According to the China Post, the woman, Chen, wrote on her Facebook page: "I want to get McDonalds! Which nice man will take me there?" That's when one of her Facebook friends, Chuang Shih-chang responded: "I am about to arrive at your house!"

In his flirtatious posts, Chuang also frequently referred to Chen as his "wife," which didn't sit well with her actual husband.

After reading these messages, Chen's husband, 34-year-old Chou You-huang, confronted his wife, who swears she never actually met up with her Facebook friend. He didn't believe her and he used his wife's phone to text Chang, asking to meet.

According to Agence France-Presse:

When Chuang turned up at the agreed spot outside a restaurant early Saturday morning, Chou and two of his friends attacked him with baseball bats, according to police. The three men beat him ferociously and then left him there, believing he had not suffered life-threatening injuries, according to police statements.
Chou told police that when he met up with Chuang, who later died from head trauma, he was drunk and had "a horrible attitude."

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Chuang was stupid to agree to meet and clearly, he got away easy.  I wonder if the wife will feel cheated if Chou was flirting with other women online.


 I think you need to re-read the article.  He was killed, so how did he "get away easy?"

As for Chou, I guess he has the rest of his life to spend sitting in prison (unless he gets killed, as happens to prisoners from time to time) wondering if he should have flirted with someone else. 

Look at the end of the day, whether someone is flirting or not is no reason (and it is illegal) to resort to violence.  If flirting is that serious of an issue to someone, then they just need to end the relationship and move on with their life.

J. Brozovic
J. Brozovic

Unless you're familiar with Taiwan's laws, what makes you think he's going to sit in prison for the rest of is life? I'm guessing he'll be imprisoned, but some countries may consider he had good reason to be angry with the victim, being a man and all. Personally, I think he and his friends are guilty of murder, manslaughter or something.  But who knows how the law in Taiwan looks at it. The whole thing is bizarre.

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