Environmentalists Use Sex to Promote Earth Day

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Does this turn you on?
Well, here's an interesting take on the phrase "she brings out the animal in me."

Since Center for Biological Diversity is certain that everyone will be celebrating Earth Day by having lots of sex, the organization will be passing out endangered species condoms to those of you who are both environmentally and sexually aware.

The center collaborated with artist Roger Peet to create a special edition of colorful condom packages, featuring a suite of endangered species threatened by the world's growing human population, including the dwarf seahorse and the polar bear.

"There is a direct connection between human population growth and species extinction," says Amy Hardwood, coordinator of the Center's human population campaign. "We hope that handing out free condoms not only reinforces the importance of safe sex and family planning, but also gives our activists a surprising and amusing way to start a conversation with someone about this critical connection."

Amusing it is.

The condoms will be handed out at just about every place where people who like to have sex go -- bars, universities, spiritual groups, local events, and farmers' markets. Along with two condoms, each package contains original artwork and information on the species, facts about overpopulation, and the extinction crisis, as well as suggestions on how the human population can be stabilized.

This one is our personal favorite, because we're partial to turtles:

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