Drug-Laced Cookies Make South Bay Teens Cry on 4/20

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"C" is for cannabis
Isn't pot supposed to make you laugh, not cry?

A group of Live Oak High School teens were reportedly sad after they munched down on some drug-laced cookies this morning -- presumably in observance of the high holiday.

According to news accounts, the girls ate the cookies, then started crying, falling down, and generally acting hysterical.

Police have not confirmed that the sugary treats were laced with marijuana, but c'mon ... what else are we supposed to think on 4/20?

According to police, someone dialed 911 call shortly before 11 a.m. reporting a student in "medical distress." Emergency crews rushed to the Morgan Hill school where the girls were evaluated at the scene, but not taken to the hospital.

What police want to know is who gave these girls the illegal treats and, more importantly, did the students know the cookies were laced with drugs?

Now might be a good time to watch this:

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