Chris Bucchere, Cyclist Accused of Killing Pedestrian, to Be Charged

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BTW: Bikes are supposed to yield to pedestrians
Prosecutors are prepping to file charges against Chris Bucchere, the local cyclist who allegedly ran a red light in the Castro, hitting and killing 71-year-old Sutchi Hui as he walked along Market Street earlier this month.

The Chron's Matier & Ross reports this morning that prosecutors claim they have plenty of evidence to file felony vehicular manslaughter charges against the 35-year-old cyclist, citing his "gross negligence" in the accident.

Not only did a surveillance camera on 17th and Market streets catch Bucchere speeding through the intersection, making little or no attempt to stop before hitting Hui, but witnesses also reported seeing the cyclist blow through red lights and stops signs  minutes before the accident.

"It really shows his recklessness," said Police Capt. Denis O'Leary.

The charges are more austere than the misdemeanor charge Randolph Ang received last year after plowing through a red light on the Embarcadero and killing 68-year-old Dionette Cherney. In that case, Ang, who was speeding on his way into work that morning, negotiated a plea deal last month which included probation, $15,375 in restitution to the family, and 500 hours of community service on bicycle safety.

Although prosecutors say the evidence is clear, Bucchere's Internet rant probably didn't help the cyclist gain sympathy either. Readers might remember that shortly after the accident, someone claiming to be Bucchere logged onto a local bike forum and defended his actions in the accident.

He then went on and tried to turn this into a life lesson for cyclists: Always wear a bike helmet. Of course, those comments didn't sit well with the reading public, which later blasted Bucchere, claiming he's more despised in San Francisco than a drunk girl throwing high heels in the Marina.

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