Bryan Stow Will Be Cheering on the Giants Friday

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Bryan Stow with his two kids
It's been a long road for Giants fan Bryan Stow, who was savagely beaten into a coma after watching his home team play against the Dodgers in Los Angeles last year. And while the Giants would love nothing more than to kick off the 2012 season with Stow at the mound, it looks like the former paramedic and father of two won't be making it to the opener this Friday.

The Giants had invited Stow, who continues to suffer from a traumatic brain injury, to join them on the mound for the first ceremonial pitch. His family was open to the idea, but they decided the trip to and from the stadium might be too much for Stow, who is now living in a specialized facility in the Central Valley where he struggles to stand up on his own or have a simple conversation.

"We're concerned it might tire him out too much and set back his recovery," his mother, Ann Stow, told Mark Purdy with the Mercury News.
And more setbacks are what the family doesn't need after the last year, part of which Bryan Stow spent in a coma. The 42-year-old Santa Cruz man suffered permanent brain damage after he was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium on March 31. The assailants repeatedly kicked the front of his head into the pavement, damaging the frontal lobe of his brain beyond recovery.

The two suspects accused of the attack,
Louie Sanchez, 29, and Marvin Norwood, 30, were arrested last summer and are currently in jail awaiting trial.

Ann Stow says she hopes her son, who will be disabled for life, can make it to a Giants game sometime this summer; after all, that's his team. As for Friday, when the Giants play the Pittsburgh Pirates, there's no question where he'll be, his mom says.

"I'm sure he'll be glued to the TV," Ann Stow told the Merc, "and be rooting for his Giants."

You can follow Stow's progress and donate to his children's college fund here.

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