Driver Allegedly Filmed in Hit-and-Run Accident Arrested

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What an asshole!

The driver who allegedly ran two cyclists off the road in Berkeley last week was was arrested at the Jack London Inn in Oakland on Friday afternoon.

According to press reports, Michael Patrick Medaglia, 43, was arrested after OPD found his black Acura Integra involved in the accident in Oakland's Glenview neighborhood. Medaglia, who had reported the car stolen the day of the accident, is now being charged with a felony hit-and-run, violating probation, and possession of heroin and ammunition.

The Acura was spotted four blocks away from where the Wednesday collision occurred. A Glenview resident fired off an e-mail to her neighbors about the car, claiming it had been blocking her driveway. She included the vehicle's license plate number, which matched the plates of the car involved in the widely viewed video of the hit-and-run.

It didn't take too much police work to nail Medaglia, since one of the cyclists hit had recorded the entire incident and posted the video to YouTube. It has been viewed more than 200.000 times.

Although both cyclists walked away from the incident unscathed, the same can't be said for their bikes, which are in need of repairs. Police are still looking for eyewitnesses and additional evidence to build their case against Medaglia.

In case you missed the video:

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Warning to you road ragers: lots of bicyclists are already using these cameras and probably lots more will in the future since the police take this kind of evidence seriously. Your next road rage incident could make you a YouTube star, just like this guy.

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