Americans Think Dallas, Texas Is Just as Awesome as San Francisco

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Point taken
A new survey about American cities didn't reveal anything new to us: People like San Francisco, hate Oakland, and think Portland, Ore., is insanely hip. But what did throw us for a loop is that people seem to enjoy the mind-melting heat down in Dallas, Texas just as much as they like a cold summer in San Francisco.

According to a survey by the Public Policy Polling, 48 percent of those surveyed said they had a "favorable" view of San Francisco, while 29 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion of our fair city. The remaining said they had no clue what they thought of the city. Likewise, 48 percent of Americans said they had a favorable view of Dallas, while only 21 percent had an "unfavorable" view of the Big D.

We wish we could give you some insight as to why Americans think Dallas, a haven of strip malls and Republicans, is just as cool as San Francisco, but the pollsters didn't bother to ask.

So we will just take a guess, and assume that size does matter.
Other interesting facts from this poll:

  • More people disliked (40 percent) Los Angeles than liked it (33 percent).

  • Seattle was the best liked city, getting 57 percent favorable reviews

  • 40 percent of those surveyed described themselves as Democrats

  • 37 percent described themselves as Republicans

We're not giving much credit to these surveys these days, not after we read one last year that claimed Minneapolis was gayer than San Francisco.

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You have obviously never been to Dallas if you think it is all strip malls... Dallas has one of the best bar scenes in the country in uptown, Dallas is a very very safe city. Honestly if more people liked San Fran over Dallas then why doesn't everybody just move to San Fran? Probably because California is a state filled with debt and high real estate. Get off that high horse, San Fran isn't that hip.

Old Pard
Old Pard

All of Texas is a good place to get the shit stomped out of you by redneck cracker pecker wood pigs and end up in jail, prison or dead. stay away from Texas!  and Dallas a hot humid motherfucker there in summer it rains all the time to. FUCK THAT SHIT HOLE!


The writer's statement about Dallas seems to be more like Houston, which is truly endless strip malls and semi-interconnected suburbs. I think Dallas may have even more Republicans than H-town however.


> We wish we could give you some insight as to why Americans think Dallas, a haven of strip malls and Republicans, is just as cool as San Francisco

Perhaps because more people than you seem to think like strip malls and Republicans?


I think they were talking about the new TV series....

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