Woman Says She Stole Cellphone from Muni Rider Because Her Phone Was Stolen First

Would more pay phones resolve the cell phone theft issue?
A 35-year-old woman who was arrested after admitting to stealing a Muni passenger's phone gave the cops an unexpected defense: She had just been a victim of the same crime.

According to police, both suspect and victim were riding the 28 line through the Richmond District when the victim noticed that her phone had been stolen out of her jacket pocket.

The victim got off the bus at the next stop near Park Presidio and went to a nearby business where she used GPS to track her phone, according to police. She quickly learned that the person with her phone was somewhere around Geary Boulevard and 17th Avenue.

She called the cops and sent them in that direction.
When the cops nabbed the suspect, she gave them what she believed to be a perfectly sound explanation for the theft. She told officers: "This isn't fair. Someone stole my phone -- that's why I had to take hers, because I needed a phone."

Where's a payphone when you need one?

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This is the plot of the classic The Bicycle Thief, remember. Sooner or later, we're all in the movies.

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