Police to Teach Smartphone Users to Not Be So Dumb

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Not that this is any safer
Believe it or not, the number of people being beaten and stabbed on Muni is on the decline -- for now. Perhaps that's because crooks have decided that stealing smartphones from inattentive Muni riders is an easier and therefore more appealing crime.

Smartphone crime is on the rise, which should come as no surprise to the average Muni rider, considering how often we read about this in the news. But now cops and Muni officials are hoping to curb this high-tech crime by making Muni riders, well, smarter.

Tomorrow, Police Chief Greg Suhr and Muni leaders will meet with reporters and members of the public to launch a new campaign that will hopefully put an end to the number of BlackBerrys  -- or whatever phone you are using --  from being ripped from the hands of innocent riders.

"Muni stations and vehicles are an extension of city streets and require the same level of vigilance. Crimes on Muni are often crimes of opportunity. Customers can help deprive thieves of such opportunities by staying alert and aware of their surroundings," police said in a statement released today.

The public event starts at 2 p.m. at the Civic Center Muni station, where we expect police will provide in great detail all the ways in which we can keep from losing our phones to the hands of greedy thieves.

Anyway, we hope you aren't reading this on your phone on Muni.

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"Arf!" Lemming
"Arf!" Lemming

How's about 'launching a new campaign' to arrest , prosecuteand imprison the 'thugs' who've been doing the crimes , instead?The Communists , on our BOS , wouldn't like it but hey!


No One Is Stealing BlackBerries, LMAO, Watch Your iPhone Tho!


If your Blackberry gets stolen then you should just get your office to give you a new one.  If it is actually your personal Blackberry that is stolen then you should make sure to thank the thief next time you see him.

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