Police Need Your Help in Finding Men Responsible for Brutal Beating in Civic Center

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Suspect 1
San Francisco police are looking for three men who savagely beat a 23-year-old Hayward man, kicking and punching him until he fell to the pavement.

The cops have released these photos of the identified suspects, who have been on the lam since the Jan. 29 assault. According to police, at about 2 a.m., the men approached the victim at  the corner of Polk and Elm streets and beat him until he lost consciousness. After the beating, the two men ran toward Van Ness Avenue, where it is believed they got into a black pickup truck that headed north.
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Suspect 2

Person of interest
The victim, who has not been named, remains in serious condition and might not fully recover from his injuries, police said.

Officer Carlos Manfredi says that two of the suspects are described as Asian males. The first suspect is a 5-foot-9 man, weighing about 210 pounds. The second suspect is described as a 5-foot-6 man weighing 135 pounds. The third person, who has only been identified as a person of interest in the case, is described as a light-skinned Hispanic male.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Inspector James Garrity of the SFPD Criminal Investigation Unit at 553-9002. You can also call the SFPD Anonymous tip line at 575-4444, or Text-a-Tip to TIP411.

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@ the Racist down there, now really this is really quite a disgrace to see Filipino Americans beat up another man, but no need to point out silly stereotypes.

"Arf!" Lemming
"Arf!" Lemming

"Silly demographics" , you mean. Statistics speak the truth...Young men are living at home , much , much longer than ever before..Especiallyw/o a military draft , no jobs that pay 'a living wage' , etc..


Speak for yourself


Your assumptions are clearly based on your dimwitted intelligence, it's very close minded.


You're 'child like' and live with mom , on SSI payments...Goodbye..

"Arf!" Lemming
"Arf!" Lemming

Likely scenario per 'demographics' : They live with 'moms' in the Excelsior Dist., work at Jiffy Lube and pour all their money into their 'street racing' cars...Ahundred times a thousand..Real Pinoy.

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