Muni Hopes Cryptic Posters Will Help Smartphone Users Be Smarter

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Despite the fact that a 17-year-old boy was shot on Muni yesterday, police report less crime on city buses -- well, violent crime that is. But cops also say that they've seen an increase in the theft of iPhones and other cherished electronic devices, in part because Muni passengers are too distracted by their own gadgets.

To that end, SFPD and Muni officials launched an official public service campaign today, which includes some eye-catching posters along with a list of tips that, really, you should already be following. 

Tip No.1: Be aware of your surroundings.

"When you're looking down and not paying attention, it's like taking $300 to $500 out of the ATM, and then walking down the street counting it and not paying attention. You wouldn't do that. Don't do it with your electronic devices," Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters.

Suhr said at least six electronic devices are reported stolen each day from Muni passengers.

Other words of wisdom:

  • iPhone users should trade out their signature white earbuds for less conspicuous ones

  • Instead of running after a thief, victims should get the most accurate description of the perpetrator and call 911

  • Since thefts are more likely to happen in the back, sitting in middle seats is always safer

  • Don't allow your attention to become distracted from your property

  • Use the security features, such as a security code log-in, to protect your information from identity theft

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What is Muni's advice for being stuck in the trainyard overnight, like the woman in the poster?


Yes, let's all plan our entire lives around what criminals might do.  Don't forget to look under your bed before going to sleep in case a criminal is hiding under it!!!!1111


many of muni's PSA's on the buses are either too wordy, or too obscure. They really need to go for PSAs that either dont require a lot of words (hence being understandable by all regardless of language) or make more sense and don't require squinting to read all that type on some of the other ones they have. this is SF, we have ad people, heck I'll design the damned things and put my award winning work and apply it to muni.

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