Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Pleads Guilty, Stay Away Order Still in Effect

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The happy couple in happier times
(Update 1:30 p.m): Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi pleaded guilty this afternoon to one misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment as part of a plea deal. Prosecutors dropped all three charges against the embattled sheriff in connection to his domestic violence case that stunned the San Francisco community. Read the full details of the plea agreement after the jump.

(Original story 9:57 a.m.): The legal saga surrounding Ross Mirkarimi has ostensibly come to an end today after attorneys announced that San Francisco's embattled sheriff will indeed plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment in connection with a domestic violence case involving his wife. In exchange, prosecutors will drop all three charges against the sheriff, who was charged with battery against his wife, Eliana Lopez.

KQED interrupted its morning news program to make the announcement about the plea deal, just a half hour after experts and media representatives debated the sheriff's future amid such damning charges.

The plea deal will bring Mirkarimi's trial to a halt. The District Attorney's Office had charged Mirkarimi with three misdemeanors, including battery, child endangerment, and dissuading a witness. He was arrested and booked into his own county jail just a few days being sworn in to his current post.

Prosecutors were relying on a video that came from Mirkarimi's neighbor, Ivory Madison, who had filmed Lopez crying and explaining how her husband had left a large bruise on her upper arm following a New Year's Eve domestic dispute.

Check back for updates.

Update: Prosecutors say Mirkarimi agreed to three years of probation, 100 hours of community service, 52 weeks of domestic violence classes, a $400 domestic violence fine, as well as parenting and family counseling. The stay-away order from his wife will remain in effect subject to a family court order.

What's more, the DA is forcing Mirkarimi to do something that probably doesn't come easy to him: Apologize. Specifically, the hot-headed sheriff must issue a public apology to his neighbor, Ivory Madison, for the "public scrutiny" she and her family endured thanks to Mirkarimi's relationship problems.

"Domestic violence is an underreported crime that happens behind closed doors. Ivory Madison and other witnesses should be commended for their courage," said DA George Gascón.

Mayor Ed Lee issued a statement of his own, acknowledging the disturbing irony to the county sheriff pleading guilty to a crime. "This clearly remains serious and troubling for our City. The Sheriff, one of our top law enforcement officials, has now pleaded guilty to an unexpected and very serious charge that has introduced a new set of legal issues that must be thoroughly reviewed. I am working with legal counsel to review the facts and determine what options are available to me under the City charter," Lee said in a statement issued to the press.

"I intend to make a decision based on all of the facts as quickly as possible," Lee added.

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This trial is a sham. Now the blame is being pushed on Mayor Lee since Mirkarimi has made a stink about not abusing his wife. His wife, Venezuelan beauty queen Eliana Lopez has set women's rights back decades with her refusal to stick with what happened: he hit her, it alarmed her baby, but now she is changing her story that her fear alarmed the baby and that she just bruises easy ( or did she walk into a door?) . Mayor Lee is doing what is right, Mirkarimi has a history of abuse towards women. He should be removed. He has lost the voter's confidence. How you treat your family is how you will treat your public. His wife is the biggest traitor of all. This is why abuse cases fail because of women taking back their story.


Gloria Steinhiem has famously told us that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Maybe she has never seen the many baskets full of fish being bicycled to fish markets along the waterways of Asia by smiling fishmongers?  Someone should perhaps send her a photo? 


Well, this just ruined my morning!  I was so looking forward to hearing all the lurid and nasty details of murky's dark life juxtaposed with his clearly well groom public persona of a tough guy that stands up to social issues like plastic bag ban and free crack for all in western addition.

Now we'll have to settle for him being an emasculated, panties hoarding, wife beating sheriff.

Serpico II
Serpico II

This Guy should be a Orange PD cop !   When I hear the phrase "Corrupt" it really reminds me of City of Orange PD.   Let's have an Internal investigation of their logs, etc and consider some retribution, such as Behavior Disorder Conduct reviews, etc for the Cops that get caught doing bad things, things that make them No different than the criminal. The local and state governments need to focus on Bad Cops and their allegiance to each other, covering one others tracks.  Who Polices the Police? We should also Police The Police!  The Police are "The People" and "The People"   are The Police.   Let's go back to Cannon Laws which a PC830 defined was partly bound by years ago.   Bad Cop, NO Pension!

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