Ross Mirkarimi: An Alleged Panty-Collector and Willie Brown-Emulator

Get it?
The legal proceedings surrounding San Francisco's sheriff took a turn for the sordid on Monday, when Christina Flores, a former girlfriend of embattled Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, disclosed some rather embarrassing details of their romance during a pretrial hearing.

Much of it involves underwear.

Flores, who a judge ruled may testify when the sheriff goes on trial for misdemeanor domestic violence, unloaded more than a few choice nuggets that she'll presumably repeat for trial jurors.

Among her allegations:

  • Ross Mirkarimi had so many pairs of panties hanging around his Webster Street apartment that "somebody else's" drawers led to a physical altercation with Flores, who told him in response to the suggestion that the panties were hers, "I know my own underwear."

  • Ross Mirkarimi wanted to bring Lopez to San Francisco to "keep her as a baby mama" in part because Ross "wanted to be like Willie Brown."

  • Ross Mirkarimi was still dating Flores when he jetted to South America for an environmental conference, after which Lopez became pregnant.

  • And, right: Mirkarimi allegedly abused Flores four times, and on one occasion, later apologized via e-mail.

Mirkarimi, as a lucky few in the Bay Area have yet to discover, allegedly grabbed Lopez's arm so hard it left a bruise during a Dec. 31 argument, shortly before he was inaugurated as sheriff. After a videotape of Lopez showing the bruise to a neighbor surfaced, District Attorney George Gascon charged Mirkarimi with three misdemeanor counts.

Mirkarimi has since been barred from seeing his wife, to whom he has been married since 2009. Currently, he only allowed two-hour long daily visits with the couple's two-year old son, Theo.

Flores dated Mirkarimi from 2007 to 2008, during which time he abused her four times, once physically, she told the courtroom.

The sheriff also may have superhuman strength/evil domestic abusing fingers, as it was during a now-familiar arm grab that he allegedly bruised Flores following the undergarment discovery. "He said they were mine," Flores said. "I said, 'You're lying. Those are not mine. I know my own underwear.'"

Flores said that Mirkarimi grabbed her when she tried to leave and then apologized when she showed him the bruise the next day, sending an e-mail apologizing for his "unintended, disappointing behavior," KCBS reported.

Mirkarimi also allegedly referred to Venezuela, Lopez's home country where she acted in soap operas, as a "filthy" "third-world country," conditions that led to Mirkarimi wishing to raise Theo in the United States. (Those conditions, and his political career, one presumes.)

Finally, the Willie Lewis Brown Jr., comparison. Mirkarimi is not much of a hat-man, doesn't wear Gucci shoes, and is so unlike Da Mayor in nearly every respect that this one is hard to explain. Does Mirkarimi dig Latinas like Brown does Russians? Will Mirkarimi's ex-girlfriends become Attorney General, sort of like Willie's?

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The reporter in this article didn't do their homework-Ms. Flores is not Latina.  I can't believe that Mirkarimi thinks that he can survive this trial.  He has been exposed for what he is...a creep!  Time for Mayor Ed Lee to demand his resignation.


Maybe he likes to wear them.

Patrick Connors
Patrick Connors

This development makes me want to throw my panties at Ross. He must have one hell of a wiener...sounds like EXACTLY the kind of guy you want to have as Sheriff - big balls!!

Give him a raise!

Dirk Hofbrau
Dirk Hofbrau

Despicable. Fucking despicable. Especially the comments about Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.


This headline in the SF Weekly is despicable.  Sensation written to drive traffic, i.e., ad revenue, to this site.  

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