Peninsula Humane Society Offers $5,000 Reward in "Horrific" Dog Cruelty Case

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So many things disturb us here at the Snitch -- Newt's kinky marital desires, the Guardian's off-putting blogs, and the fact that our sheriff spent time in his own jail. But nothing, nothing, upsets us more than a story about animal abuse.

We were saddened to learn that the Peninsula Humane Society is offering a $5,000 cash reward to whoever can give the agency information that will help them track down the person or people responsible for abandoning two severely injured terrier pups down in San Bruno.

According to the PHS, the pups were first seen at a San Bruno apartment complex on Friday sometime around midnight. A resident living in the complex, located at 1125 Cherry Ave., says  he saw the two sick dogs lying near near outdoor parking stalls.

The next morning, PHS staff came out to the complex and got the two dogs who were in the "worst condition" the shelter's vets have ever seen. "We are as outraged as we would expect the public to be," says PHS spokesman Scott Delucchi.

The dogs, unable to walk, received pain medication. However, vets said they had no other choice but to euthanize the dogs after they realized their "overwhelmingly horrific medical conditions."

What kind of monster would do this?
Brace yourself for this part: Both dogs had extremely matted and urine-soaked coats caked with feces. They had clumps of fur, 3- to 4-inches thick in some spots. Neither dog had identification tags or microchips, according to the PHS.

The female dog had a compound fracture on her front left leg with an exposed bone stump that was rounded at the edges, an indication that it was an older, untreated injury. The remnant of the fractured leg was stuck to the body by severe matting. The pup was also missing its front right paw, and had a fractured right pelvis. After having more than seven pounds of matted fur removed, the dog only weighed 11 pounds.

The second dog, a black-and-white male terrier mix, was about 10 years old. He had an enlarged heart and pale gums. He, too, was extremely thin, weighing just eight pounds. He had a fractured leg and his front paws were bowed, indicating malnourishment, according to the PHS.

Vets suspected that both dogs had been suffering for as long as a year.

"This is tragic," said Delucchi. "We are deeply saddened to know these dogs lived this way for some time and sickened to know their owner apparently didn't seek help, but appears to have tossed them out like trash."

The SPCA is actively investigating this disturbing case, saying it's possible the dogs belonged to a local hoarder. From initial calls made to the complex management, SPCA officials learned that more than 100 dogs live in the entire complex; however, the PHS says they aren't sure whether the abandoned pups lived there.

Given the fact that neither dog had fleas or maggots, they were likely kept indoors at all times.

Anyone with information should contact the PHS at (650) 340-7022, ext. 384.

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dog boarding Harrison TN
dog boarding Harrison TN

The initiative to have the case responded at once plus a cash incentive is really an inspiring action taken by the organization. The dogs were obviously tortured leaving disabling wounds and injuries, among which may be permanent already. We hope to see photos of these dogs fully recovered.


I sincerely hope whoever did this is caught quickly and brought to justice.  This is pure evil.



Betty Kelly
Betty Kelly

These people are dangerous, they're probably now looking for another to torture or maybe even a human child to brutalize, they need found and locked up for a long time before they get one of our children or another helpless angel,,,God be with us all.

Julie Robbs
Julie Robbs

This is SICK !!!! ANYONE who can do something so EVIL like this needs to be locked up away from society AND ANY other animal!!!!!  Rest in Peace Sweet babies.


Would that include the people at the Peninsula SPCA?

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