Peeing Frenchman Pissed at Google Over Street View Image

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The French love to laugh at Americans, so we wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to laugh at them.

It seems Google unwittingly humiliated a Frenchman when the Bay Area company captured an image of the man pissing on his own garden in his French village. The man was reportedly taking a leak when Google images snapped a photo of the street view -- which happened to include the man relieving himself.

Now the man -- who won't give his name to preserve what little anonymity he has left -- is suing the high-tech company, claiming it made him a source of derision within his small village.

Here's what his attorney told reporters: "My client lives in a tiny hamlet where everyone recognized him." The lawyer also noted that his client was on his own property and the gate to his garden was closed at the time the photo was taken.

The man is suing Google for invasion of privacy and is asking the company to remove him from the street view feature (these people, incidentally, have not yet asked for the same).

However the case turns out, it's worth mentioning that this is not what Voltaire meant when he concluded Candide with the line "let us cultivate our garden."

And, yes, we Googled that, putain

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