Occupy SF Protester Accused of Stabbing Fellow Occupier

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San Francisco police have arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing an Occupy protester earlier this week after the two got into a fight over a camera.

Police said they took the suspect -- who has only been identified as a Texas resident -- into custody on Thursday on the 100 block of Market Street. He was taken to San Francisco County Jail where he has been charged with attempted murder, police said. It was fellow Occupiers who recognized the suspect and said he was the one who allegedly stabbed Brian "Boston" Reid, 28, in the chest in front of the Federal Reserve Building at about 10:40 p.m. on Sunday, police said.

Police have not yet identified the suspect, nor will they release his mugshot, pending further identification matters with other witnesses. However, despite earlier reports that he was not part of the Occupy camp, police confirmed that the suspect had spent the entire weekend at the Occupy site before the stabbing.

The victim is still in the hospital but is expected to recover.

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Ah, we love watching Occutards stab other Occutards.


I must say, the "police arrested" is at least misleading as an OccupySF Peacekeeper made the citizen's arrest while another informed the police of the suspect's presence. Additionally, the suspect was not part of the Occupy camp, he merely wandered in and out a few days during the heavy rain, unlike most others present who had known each other for months. I know, I was there. Cheers

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