Occupy Oakland Establishes Roving Encampments

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Kate Conger
Occupy Oakland has been doing a lot more meeting and planning than occupying these days. But that seems to have changed, and after a long winter hiatus, it appears protesters have taken root again.

Since they were so rudely booted from their residence at Frank Ogawa Plaza in November, the movement has been mostly homeless, with a few protests and occupation attempts here and there. There was the occupation of an empty lot at 18th and Linden streets, and later, protesters moved in on a foreclosed home on 10th Street. And of course we can't forget the Jan. 28  occupy attempt of the vacant Henry J. Kaiser building, which devolved into yet another confrontation with police and ended with more than 400 arrests that night.

But the short-lived break is over, and with spring in the air, occupiers have found themselves a new home -- sort of.  The occupation quietly entered Mosswood Park in North Oakland, the site of its original planning meetings, earlier this week, where they have been camping out until today. The camp sprung up as a gesture of solidarity to Occupy Wall Street, which has also been attempting to re-occupy public spaces, including Zuccotti Park and Union Square. Both branches of Occupy also cite their renewed energy for protest following the slaying of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

But instead of waiting for police to boot them out, protesters told us they are planning a more organized, nomadic encampment, with new locations every day.

Occupy member Melvin Kelley said that once the park curfew goes into effect, protesters will move their camp to another undisclosed park in town. As of early this morning, protesters were already claiming on Twitter that they'd established a second, secret camp somewhere in Oakland. We'll keep you posted as the occupation moves on.

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The only mission of occupy Oakland is to create anarchy. They taunt the police and darethem to get rough with them. So they have something to protest the next day. These people are about destroying and bankrupting the city of Oakland.

Miguel Asensio Suarez
Miguel Asensio Suarez

The only mission of Fascist is to create misery.They taunt the working people and dare them to get rough with them.So they have something to capitalist the next day.These bankers are about destroying and bankrupting the city of Oakland.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

First of all miguel, it seems you misunderstand the concept of fascism. Second, you act like people are slaves and have no choice over employment. Bankers provide jobs. The world is really not such a miserable place as you suggest; cheer up.

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