Michelle Obama Loves San Francisco ... and Our Money

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Never mind the fact that none of us San Franciscans can afford to pay rent, the presidential candidates seem to think we've got money to spare. Just a short month after President Obama made a cameo in San Francisco, First Lady Michelle Obama is planning her own trip to our fair city, and not for the scenic beauty or the clam chowder. No. She's coming here to shake us down for more cash, so her husband can win reelection and we don't have to listen anymore of those crazy Republicans talk about birth control.

The First Lady will land in San Francisco sans her husband, President Obama, on March 30, the Chron informs us. She's expected to begin her cash-raising circuit at the California Academy of Sciences for an afternoon event sponsored by the Obama Victory Fund and Families for Obama.

Here's where you come in:

According to the invitation, donors are being asked to shell out a minimum of $1,000 to get in the door. For those of you with money to throw around, you can get your photo taken with the First Lady for a $5,000 donation. Better yet, donate half your salary and get the "Family Co-Host" treatment, which includes a greeting, a photo, and some face time at the reception with as many as six family members, for a whopping $35,800.

So those are your options. We know, keeping those insane Republicans out of the White House is costly.

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Mark Kraft
Mark Kraft

Good. They should raise money. Hopefully, they can get enough Americans to do the logical thing, and kick the Republicans out of office, while cruising to another term in office.

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