, Other Online Dating Sites to Weed Out Sexual Predators

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In the interest of protecting you from rampant Internet perverts and other abusers, a group of online dating sites has agreed to new rules that includes screening for sexual predators who might be using their sites to find new victims.

The companies,, eHarmony, and Spark Networks -- which includes JDate and ChristianMingle -- said they will check subscribers against national sex offender registries, and any member found to be a registered sex offender will automatically be removed from the sites.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced the new business practices today, saying every online dating site should adopt the same kind of safeguards so that people can find the love of their life without concern.

"Consumers should be able to use websites without the fear of being scammed or targeted," Harris said in a statement released today.
Aside from patrolling for sex offenders, the companies will also give users tips on how to date online without falling victim to identity theft and financial scams.

This is important, considering how much time we all spend online, especially looking for potential mates. Last year, more than 40 Americans used online dating sites, spending some $1 billion in service fees. Of those couples who married in the last three years, one in six met through an online dating service, while one in five people have dates someone they met online, Harris noted.

Read the full copy of the new business practices here.

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Not very insightful of this article to use the worn out stereotype of a skirted figure representing a woman.  Most women wear pants most of the time.  The use of such symbols illustrates the persistent problem of associative reasoning.  To be a sex difference, a garment must by its configuration interface only with the anatomy of one sex only.  Bras pass, skirts fail.  But it is true that when a woman wants to "dress like a woman," she will revert to a dress/skirt.  That still fails to make them female other than by association.  Rome tossed out all men in pants in AD393 due to being seen as political subversives, because in AD378 Rome suffered a severe defeat at the Battle of Adrianople at the hands of trousered cavalrymen.  Therein is the key to pants origin---they are for horseback riding (95% causation) and arctic areas (5%) and not because "male chromosomes determine it."  Yes, skirts are sex neutral also, ask any modern Greek soldier. Facial hair is the male garment of identification---not a twin tube equestrian invention now also predominantly worn by women because factory work in the second World War introduced so many millions of women to pants!  Overriding social forces cause clothing behavior, whereas reason and uncoerced personal choice should cause it.


Everyone should get their money back.


I think there's a typo in the last paragraph "40 Americans spent 1 billion." Seems like those 40+ people are spendthrifts or being scammed.

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