Lawmaker Decides Not to Treat Food Trucks Like Child Molesters

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For the record, street food is probably healthier than school cafeterias
A  few weeks ago foodies across the city, including Supervisor Scott Wiener, were shaking in their boots that food trucks would be banished from existence. A new bill was circulating the assembly, which would have barred any food truck from parking within 1,500 feet of schools.

And in San Francisco, a dense city of 49 square miles, that would basically leave food trucks no other option but to take their business across the bay. But it seems the power does still lie within the people -- at least when it comes to food.

As our sister blog, SFoodie, notes today, Assemblyman Bill Monning (D-Carmel) quashed his own silly bill after too many mobile-food vendors made too much noise about the pending legislation.

While Monning has decided not to criminalize food trucks, he vowed to continue trying to keep "unhealthy snacks" out of the hands of schoolkids everywhere.

Read the full story on SFoodie.

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Beyond health related regulations, let the people decide.  If people find that food from food trucks are detestable, that there are too many, that small restaurant businesses are affected; they can vote with their feet and wallet.  This may also encourage some really crappy restaurants to either step up and improve on service and food qualities or shutter.  Stop treating consumers like children.

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