Labor Groups, Not Occupy, to Protest the 1 Percent

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The 1 percent gets dogpiled
It's feels like it's been too long since San Francisco has had a rambunctious, traffic-blocking protest aimed at the 1 percent. But tomorrow you can expect all of this and more -- but you can't blame it on Occupy this time.

Bay Area labor activists are planning to pack the streets of San Francisco tomorrow to protest the 1 percenters and all the bad things they do that affects us. 

The labor community is piggybacking on Occupy's cause, as tens of thousands of workers throughout the region fight to win fair contracts with decent wages and benefits.

"It's time to show the 1 percent that America has had enough," said Jim Weitkamp, vice president of the  Communications Workers of America. "Our nation can no longer allow corporations to rob workers of decent benefits and secure retirements to line the pockets of greedy executives."

This rally starts at noon and will coincide with the National Day of Action for worker rights, with major events also planned in Baltimore, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and cities in Southern California.

So if you are worried about your salary and benefits, or if you just want to be obnoxious in downtown, then meet fellow marchers, including Supervisor Eric Mar, at Westfield mall along Market and Fifth streets.

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