Gold Dust Lounge Supporters Hope Nostalgic film Will Help Save Beloved Bar

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With a March 10 eviction around the corner, owners of the Gold Dust Lounge are making every last-ditch effort to keep the iconic watering hole open. This week, they released this information-packed video and are hosting a singalong with former Mayor Willie Brown tonight, hoping the entertainment will buy them some time to fight their unfortunate fate.

The short film features interviews with supporters who explain why the Union Square bar should remain intact. What's more, we hear from the Bovises, the two elderly brothers who have operated the bar in its current location since 1966.

For those of you who have following the issue closely, you won't learn anything new about the issue; however, you will get to watch the brothers give a heart-wrenching account of how they made the Gold Dust Lounge a San Francisco legend.

And if that short video doesn't do anything to stave off the bar's landlord, Jon Handlery, from booting the Gold Dust Lounge next week, then perhaps a scathing letter from former Mayor Willie Brown might.

Last week, the former mayor penned a missive to the Handlery family, telling them they "better watch out." Here's an excerpt from Brown's letter:

Were I in [landlord Jon Handlery's] position, I wouldn't shut it down, until I had reached an accord for what I intend to have it replaced with. And I would guess that the Board of Supervisors will not vote, nor the City Planning Commission, to approve the demolition of this place to be replaced by a moving staircase. He's going to have a lot of trouble. His trouble has not even commenced yet.

And we all know exactly what happens when Willie talks.

To thank the erstwhile mayor for having their back, the Bovises are hosting a fun singalong tonight at the bar at 6 p.m. So come join Willie Brown for a libation at the lounge ... while it is still there.

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