Frustrated New Yorker Sues Apple, Claiming Siri Doesn't Understand S**t

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Siri is as dumb as a box of rocks
Earlier this week, Apple's latest gadget, the loose-lipped and prudish Siri, was slammed by the Northern California ACLU for knowing a little too much about you -- and then sharing those personal tidbits with Apple. But over on the East Coast where people are arguably less patient, Siri users are annoyed by how little information Siri knows.

The Washington Post points out today that a disgruntled New York man has sued Apple, claiming Siri doesn't understand shit he says. According to the class-action claim, Frank M. Fazio, says Apple has knowingly misled Siri users by leading them to believe the iPhone 4s' voice-controlled assistant is helpful when in reality she is letting users down.

The claim notes that in many of Apple's television advertisements, individuals are shown using Siri to make appointments (unless, of course, you are getting an abortion), find restaurants, and learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs and to tie a tie.
After hearing that, who could blame Fazio and the millions of other customers for rushing out to buy Siri? However, it didn't take long after purchasing the phone for Fazio ( and many others) to realize Siri just wasn't performing up to par.

Specifically, Fazio claims that too often when he would ask Siri something as simple as directions, the talking phone would perpetually disappoint, telling him she didn't understand what he was saying, according to the claim.

What annoys Fazio even more than the talking phone is how much money Apple has made from duping customers. According to the claim, within the first quarter of 2012, 42 percent of Siri users had canceled their contract with other carriers specifically to buy Siri.

"To the detriment of consumers, the bulk of Apple's mass marketing and advertising campaign, fail to mention the word 'beta' and the fact that Siri is, at best, a work in progress," the claim states.

Isn't every relationship just a work in progress?

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