Help Give Democrats and Republicans a Much-Needed Makeover

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A lot of things have changed since the 1800s
After watching the recent presidential debates, there's nothing we'd like to do more than give the Republicans a complete makeover -- physically and politically. New Gingrich's hair alone gives us so much to work with.

Thankfully, a San Francisco-based design company is allowing frustrated voters like ourselves to channel our political disappointment and create a new (unofficial) logo for both the Republican and Democratic parties, as part of a Super Tuesday contest.

The contest, which started today, ends next Tuesday, so best start thinking about how to illustrate your right-wing or lefty views outside of the traditional elephant and donkey (although the Democrats did introduce a new logo in 2008).

Here's how the contest works:

Once participants enter their logos at, the public will rate the designs, which will also be sent to politicians to judge. The 99Designs staff will take all these opinions into account before selecting the two winners -- one to represent Republicans and one to reflect Democrats.

The winning designs will be sent to the head of both national parties for their own consideration. Even better, the winners will get $500.

We're tempted to enter this:


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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Yeah, the new democratic logo should be a hand reaching out panhandling.

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