Brian Wilson's Beard to Fly Through Bay Area Skies -- Literally

Courtesy of SFist
If the airlines are deficient at anything, it's making the skies friendlier -- or friendly at all. But in its never-ending quest to be cute, Virgin America Airlines has made another attempt to show us just how much personality the Silicon Valley-based company has.  

SFist snapped  this cool photo of the new Airbus A320 with its spirited Giants logo and SF-emblazoned jet engines. And in true San Francisco fashion, the plane features Brian Wilson's beloved beard on the front end of the plane (no spandex tuxedo to match?)

No word yet on when this thing will go in to service, but as SFist notes, it would be great to hop that plane down to Los Angeles just in time for the first series against the Dodgers.

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Matthew Kroneberger
Matthew Kroneberger

Brilliant marketing in the skies @airlinesdotorg:twitter , @faa:twitter #doinggoodthings #learnfromthis #modern #planes @virginamerica:twitter 

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