Binh Thai Luc Accused of Brutally Killing Family Near City College

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Binh Thai Luc
Police announced they have arrested 35-year-old Binh Thai Luc in connection with the violent slayings of five people inside their home on a quiet, residential street near City College.

The news broke yesterday that police had Luc -- as well as his younger brother -- in custody, however they would not say where the two were found. His brother had been arrested on separate drug charges and possession of ammunition, police said.

And while they have caught the man who they believe is responsible for killing the well-liked family, they still have no idea what motivated Luc -- who had some kind of relationship with the victims -- to go on this Friday-morning rampage.

Police confirmed that Luc had some gang ties, but they do not believe the murders were gang-related.
As of Monday morning, medical authorities still had not released the identities of the three women and two men who were killed, nor do we know how they were murdered. Police Chief Greg Suhr has only indicated that the victims were killed with an "edged weapon" of some type.

The scene inside the home, located on 16 Howth St., was so bloody and violent that police have had trouble piecing together exactly what happened the morning of March 23. Initially, police thought it was a murder-suicide, and that whoever was responsible for the killing was also inside the house. But neighbors then told told reporters on Friday morning that they saw a man running outside the house, yelling "They killed my brother."

Luc is expected to appear in court early this week.

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