Berkeley High Student Suspended for Allegedly "Arranging" Sex Act

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Pimpology is not offered at Berkeley High.
​ A Berkeley High School student got suspended last month for helping his friend get laid. It was a strike against wingmen everywhere.

But there's a reason the administration dropped the hammer upon sensing even the faintest whiff of Pimpology.

As readers might recall, back in December, Berkeley police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss reported that the department was getting at least one or two calls a month about suspected prostitutes from Berkeley High School.

Of course, this prompted outrage among parents, women's groups, and pretty much anyone who shudders at the phrase "teenage prostitution." But two weeks later, Kusmiss announced that she had misinterpreted the very data that had created so much shock. The Police Department was getting at least one or two calls a month about suspected youth prostitutes from citizens and Child Protective Services, she corrected, not the high school.

Naturally, claims of teenage prostitution will encourage any high school to crack down on its students' sexual misbehavior.

Berkeley High claims the student, who received a five-day suspension, arranged sexual acts between two other students on campus.

But how exactly did the student arrange the impure acts?

According to his mother, the suspended student lent one of them his phone. That boy then used the phone to call his prospective partner to set up the rendezvous in question.

The mother, Camille Craft, says she believes that the school unfairly punished her son to make an example out of him in response to the recent -- and later redacted -- prostitution clamors.

"Instead of dealing with the issue, they'd rather throw around their authority," she told SF Weekly.

Craft acknowledges that her son, a 15-year-old sophomore whose five-day suspension began on Feb. 27, probably knew that his phone was being used to arrange sex -- after all, "he's a teenager," she said. However, Craft asserts, the week-long banishment was unfairly harsh for a kid who didn't actively participate in any wrongdoing, i.e. the sex acts. In fact, she claims her son was in class when his friend made the booty call.

We were hoping to learn more about what happened, but Berkeley High has not responded to multiple messages SF Weekly left, which means no word on how long the two high school hedonists were suspended.

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Camille Cookie Craft
Camille Cookie Craft

Berkeley High is still at it and has my son up for Expulsion for another incident invovling at least 70-100 students but has my son up for expulsion. A form of retaliation for the previous incident. His civil rights have been totally vilolated and unfortunateley seems as though unless my son is dead no one is interested in helping me fight for his rights.

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