Jazz Singer Amanda King's Mother Sues Rrazz Room Owners for Assault and Battery

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Local jazz singer Amanda King's mother, Claudia Polley, is accusing the owners of Union Square nightclub the Rrazz Room of physically assaulting her after her daughter sued them for missed payments.

Polley, who is also King's business manager, filed a lawsuit this winter, alleging that when she entered the nightclub in early September to serve co-owners Rory Paull and Robert Kotonly a complaint accusing them of stiffing King for three spring performances, they physically injured her. 

According to the suit:

Mr. Paull became outraged and began yelling at and berating Ms. Polley, stating "how dare you come into my office and serve me papers," "you can't do this," and "you're a stupid bitch, you don't have any sense," or words to similar effect. Mr. Paull stood up at his desk, picked up the service packets and attempted to rip them in half, unsuccessfully.

Polley, who wanted to document the papers being served, pulled out a digital camera. Paull, the suit states, reached for the camera and "twisted Ms. Polley's wrist, arm, and shoulder, causing substantial pain and injury to Ms. Polley." He then allegedly slammed the camera on the ground, breaking it.

Polley went to the emergency room that night, where she learned "that tendons in her arm were pulled and torn and that her shoulder had nearly been separated."

The suit also claims that Paull and Kotonly threatened another business manager "that if he accepted Ms. King as a client, Rrazz Entertainment and the Rrazz Room would no longer do business with him."

The Rrazz Room, located inside Hotel Nikko, hosts shows almost every night. King performed at the venue on three nights in May 2011.

The civil suit, which was filed in San Francisco Superior Court on Dec. 19, 2011, targets the defendants for assault, battery, invasion of privacy, defamation per se, conversion, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Kotonly, for his part, denies the allegations.

"These are unfounded charges," he told SF Weekly. "As far as I'm concerned, it's a ridiculous thing."

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