Watch Complete A-Hole Steal Bike Outside S.F. Walgreens

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stolen bike.jpg
This is the stolen bike
The only thing more infuriating than sharing the road with cars is having your bike stolen and being forced to become another car on the road.

Just once, wouldn't it be great to catch those a-holes in the act of cutting your lock and pedaling off with your wheels? The Mission District Police Station has offered up the next best thing to catching the crook in the act: A surveillance video that shows a complete asshole making off with someone's bike from the Walgreens at 30th and Mission streets.

Check it out:
Looks like he's done this before?

If you see this dude roaming the city with this bike, contact Inspector Pomatto at 558-5400.

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Just about two blocks to Bernal's Holly Courts Housing Projects.  Therein lies your stolen treasure.I'm sure SFPD is "right on it..."


"Watch Complete A-hole , yada , yada..The SFBay Guardianwould've headlined it "Watch 'Oppressed Minority' Steal Bike...."

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