Tim Lincecum Gets Fat, Stops Binging on In-N-Out Burgers

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Fruits and veggies just don't satiate the munchies
Last year, Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum confessed to reporters that, despite his lanky appearance, he tends to feast on In-N-Out with serious regularity. And he doesn't just order the combo meal. Lincecum -- at 168 pounds -- would down three double-doubles, two fries, and a chocolate-strawberry shake

But all those calories apparently caught up with the Giants pitcher. Needless to say, Tiny Tim isn't so tiny anymore. Lincecum is now admitting that his love for fast food contributed to his 40-pound weight gain over the last year. He was his heaviest in October, when the 5-foot-11 player weighed a whopping 196 pounds.

"I wore a lot of sweats that month," Lincecum told USA Today.

After his father started poking fun at the blubber around his son's waist, Lincecum decided to do something about it. Aside from his regular cardio activity and swimming, the ace pitcher also laid off the junk food, which also meant no more pigging out on McDonald's and Jack in the Box.

"I've always had a problem gaining weight, so I was pressing the eating portion, and it kind of caught up to me,'' said Lincecum, 27. "Obviously age is probably catching up to me too. The metabolism isn't what it was.''

"I'm still not crushing vegetables by any means, but I am eating a lot better," Lincecum admitted.

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