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That face says it all
The fiery Rose Pak resurfaced in the news over the weekend when she used the San Francisco's Chinese New Year celebration as a chance to bag on all our local pols. Way to ring in the new year, Rose!

During the parade on Saturday, the supervisors one by one got a verbal beat-down as they strolled past Pak, now known for her underhanded involvement in getting Mayor Ed Lee elected. Her blistering commentary provoked laughter from the crowd and uncomfortable smiles from some of the pols.

However, Pak took her sharpest jabs at District Attorney George Gascon and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the embattled former supervisor who is now facing domestic violence charges. "Let's light firecrackers under the D.A.'s crotch. And then we also have the Sheriff coming, so I'd really like to light some firecrackers under them."

Here's Pak's full New Year's diatribe.

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If she sharpens up her act, she can become a late night TV host!


Sorry, Rose, there are no refunds on buying politicians...


And as 1 would recall from Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker, how that ended for the main protagonist with: "The bold Niu Bao even risks his family jewels as a last resort."

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