Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Gets New, "Impartial" Judge for Trial

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The couple in happier times
Ross Mirkarimi's attorney successfully got her client's domestic violence case reassigned to a judge who she says will be fair and partial toward the embattled sheriff.

According to new outlets, Mirkarimi appeared in court this morning with his attorney, Lidia Stiglich, who claimed that Judge Susan Breall, who has barred Mirkarimi from seeing his wife and son, would be biased against her client.

Breall had issued a stay-away order for Mirkarimi, preventing him from seeing his wife, Eliana Lopez, and their 2-year-old son, Theo, until after the trial, which starts today. Mirkarimi went back to court last month to fight the order; however, Breall denied his request to see his family, citing the child endangerment charges he was facing. Mirkarimi went to family court and later won limited, supervised visits with his son, but is still unable to see his wife.

Mirkarimi's case has now been assigned to Judge Garrett L. Wong. The sherriff will appear in court later this afternoon for the start of his trial, though the actual proceedings will not begin until next week.

Wong is expected to consider a motion Stiglich filed earlier this week, in which she argued that statements Lopez made to neighbors Ivory Madison and Callie Williams in the days after the New Year's Eve incident should not be admissible in court.

The video on which Lopez allegedly made these statements is key to the prosecution's case; without it, the District Attorney's Office would have a hard time moving forward with their case, Assistant District Attorney Omid Talai told reporters this morning. According to prosecutors, Lopez had her neighbor video tape her detailing the alleged domestic abuse that took place during a New Year's Eve argument with her husband.

A few days after being sworn in as San Francisco's new sheriff, he was arrested and charged with three misdemeanors, including battery, child endangerment, and dissuading a witness.

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Ms Understanding
Ms Understanding

I think the truth will come out that Elena is a cold-blooded gold digger who realized our favorite Supervisor turned Sheriff is not as wealthy as she thought. The trial will drain both their bank accounts and she will evetually have to move back to Venezuela to work. That is if she's not convicted for obstruction of justice and deported. Sad thing is she will most likely take the son with her. This will devastate the Sheriff. He will stay with that heffa so he can raise his son. What a shame.


 Well maybe but parents don't get to take their to other nations even with full custody. A friend of mine has full custody and he many not take his son out of state without permission of his ex wife.

Regarding the rest you are probably right. She over reached and now will be left with a much less than she was hoping. Now Mirkarimi's future is in doubt. Her pretty cushy high profile San Fransisco position is tarnished. She messed it up real bad.


That the case will fall apart without a calculated hearsay video should tell you something about the DA's decision to prosecute.

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