Ross Mirkarimi's Son "Devastated" by Not Seeing Father, Lawyer Says

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Ross is still fighting ... to see his family
Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will return to court again on Friday to try and win back his right to see his 2-year-old son, Theo. Twice, a judge has denied his request to lift the stay-away order, which has barred him from having contact with his wife, Eliana Lopez, and his son, after an alleged domestic violence incident.

But Mirkarimi's lawyer, Lidia Stiglich, filed paperwork in court Monday, arguing that the only trauma in this relationship is that Theo has been torn away from his father, whom he misses dearly.
The stay-away order was issued last month after Mirkarimi was charged with three misdemeanors, including battery, child endangerment, and dissuading a witness. Mirkarimi has denied he abused his wife during a New Year's Eve dispute.

Regardless, Stiglich told reporters that Mirkarimi has taken counseling classes, and is taking these allegations "very seriously."

But prosecutors are arguing that Mirkarimi, who was sworn in as sheriff on Jan. 8, should not be allowed to visit his son, and cited multiple, damning text messages that came from his wife after the New Year's Eve fight. Those messages allegedly indicate that Mirkarimi had neglected Theo.

Prosecutors read an October e-mail from Lopez, where she stated she didn't want to leave Theo alone with her husband because he was "not being fed, vomiting, being left in a car."

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Sorry Sherbert, but 2 parent families and Fatherhood is not a panacea for victims of assault and neglect.  You forgot to address the issue of SAFETY. This article reads like an advertisement for one of Fathers & Families many Title IV-D court racket scams where they profitably incite conflict by urging courts public agencies to place children in dangerous homes, then use Title IV-D "Responsible Fatherhood" money to "fix" the family through a variety of County based services.  

This case is an example of a good judge following the law to protect a child from a man who the evidence demonstrates is violent, has engaged in a pattern of abuse and coercive control.  There are videos, texts, etc. which remain undisputed which came directly from the wife. It is very disturbing to me that the County CPS social worker would look at the same evidence of obvious abuse and neglect and try to discredit a judge. How many other children have been placed in dangerous homes thanks to this social worker's bogus reports? What does the County consider to be "abuse?"The judge's job is to protect the child, not dad's reputation and property.  What can those violent offenders enrolled in offender release programs via the Sheriff's office expect from the County? 


Ross need to get off that weed.

David Elliott Lewis
David Elliott Lewis

There is really not much new news here.  Without Ross's wife's cooperation with the prosecution, this remains a case built on hearsay - what the neighbor Ivory Madison says the wife said that Ross did.   Even the video taken by Madison, suggestive that it is, proves nothing.   The continuing sensationalizing of this case by the media is for their profit, not the benefit or welfare of our city. 

It appears that Ross and his family need help, counseling and support, not continued speculation and venom.  

I continue to support Ross and hope he can get past this soon.

David Elliott Lewis

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