Philthy Rich, Oakland Rapper Arrested, Says He "Ain't Steal S**t"

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Says cops are the filthy ones
Philthy Rich, the Oakland rapper who was arrested last weekend at a San Francisco night club, says San Francisco police are the ones who are guilty -- of trashing his Philthy name.

The 29-year-old rapper, whose real name is Philip Beasley, talked to the SF Examiner yesterday, telling the paper that he believes he was targeted for no reason at all. "They didn't find any guns, any drugs, nothing. I feel like they're just saying my car is stolen," the rapper said.

Indeed, prosecutors are moving forward with charges against the rapper, saying he was in possession of a stolen black Bentley after his show at the Rock-it Room in the Richmond on Saturday night.

Police arrested Beasley, along with his promoter, Samuel Burns III, and Dennis Walker, 29, of Antioch. The three men were charged with different crimes, including possession of stolen property and firearms, and a DUI.

Shortly after the arrest, Philthy Rich took to Twitter to assure his fans of his innocence. "I aint steal shit and if I did I wouldn't of been riding in it like a dumb ass all my cases are drugs and guns not grand theft auto."

"They always trying to bring a good n---- down," he said on Twitter. "I'm going to overcome this."

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Dreamer Babyy
Dreamer Babyy

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He seems almost proud all of all his other cases involving drugs and guns. What a waste.

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