Occupy Bernal: Neighbors to Dump Banks on Valentine's Day

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If you are bitter about Valentine's Day, who better to take it out on than Wells Fargo and other big banks? After all, they are the ones who broke your heart, right?

We know they've hurt a lot of hearts in Bernal Heights, which is why Occupy Bernal has big plans for this day of love. Neighbors are using Valentine's Day to heal that pain with a new campaign, initiated by Causa Justa::Just Cause, dubbed "Dump the Banks."

And yes, couples are welcome, too.

Neighbors will meet with local organizations at noon today at Justin Herman Plaza, where there will be a few speakers, including residents who have been victims of predatory lending and are now facing foreclosures. Afterward, the 99 percent is invited to march alongside with them to the downtown banks, and let them know they are dumping them.

In addition, Occupy Bernal and Occupy SF Housing are asking Wells Fargo to stop evicting and foreclosing on their neighbors for their own profit. Events are scheduled at Wells Fargo's CEO's home on Feb. 25 as well as the home of Wells Fargo Board member Feb. 27. There will be a Stop Bernal Neighbor Foreclosure Auction on March 1.

"They've broken our hearts, our homes, and torn our families and communities apart," the group said in a statement. 

Come prepared to make Valentine's today.

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Whatever. Pay your bills, losers, and your home (the bank's property) will not be taken from you.


 P.S. A credit union or any other bank, large or small, will also foreclose on your self-entitled ass if you withhold mortgage payments from them. This is why you should always consider taking on debt before doing so, making sure you can maintain your payments, instead of looking to flip an overpriced house to make a few bucks, or moving yourself into a house that you never could have afforded in the first place. Dumb fuckers.

Where's my government-subsidized credit for doing the right thing, living within my means, and doing whatever it takes, i.e., working shitty jobs, to maintain the lifestyle I chose?

I see government bailouts going to the banks and to the individual, greedy pin-heads that took on ridiculous amounts of debt, who now choose to not pay the bills they willingly acquired. I see irresponsible behavior being rewarded. I do not see anything being given, not even credit, to those of us that were not greedy or stupid.


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